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Our attorneys are dedicated to the highest standards of legal service. In each case we handle, we seek efficient and successful results for the clients we serve. Our principles alone have nearly100 years of legal experience and are distinguished by a history of academic and professional success.

Honored often within the legal community, including as Super Lawyers and Rising Stars, and top-rated by AVVO and Martindale-Hubbell as well as numerous other legal evaluators, our attorneys handle a broad range of employment law matters for the benefit of employers. Our attorneys also have extensive experience with construction defects cases as well as business and commercial litigation.

If you need to speak with a lawyer or schedule an appointment at our Pasadena, California, office, call or contact us by e-mail. For more information about our attorneys, please visit our attorney profiles below.

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Find out more about the firm’s Attorneys

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Brown Gitt Law Group, ALC is an experienced Pasadena law firm, serving businesses and corporations in greater Los Angeles and throughout southern California.  The attorneys zealously seek efficient and successful results for each case and client.  For experienced employment law and employment litigation representation at reasonable rates, call us at 800.917.1289 or contact Brown Gitt Law Group, ALC online.