Business and Commercial Litigation

California Business and Commercial Litigation Attorneys

The experienced litigation attorneys at the Brown Gitt Law Group, ALC, are pleased to represent individuals and business owners throughout California in business and commercial litigation matters. We have successfully represented hundreds of clients throughout our many years of practice, and we look forward to helping you.

Some of the business and commercial litigation matters we handle include:

We handle prelitigation negotiations as well as litigation in business and commercial disputes. In each case, we take considerable time to discuss with a client his or her unique goals and interests. Our approach — aggressive, cautious, relentless and cordial — is guided by our client's needs and interests. In each case, we seek the best possible result for the individual or business we represent.

When business professionals and business owners ask our firm why they should choose the Brown Gitt Law Group as their firm of choice, our answer is simple. We have the experience, proven results and dedication to client service that help business professionals succeed. With more than 100 years of legal experience and a history of delivered results, Brown Gitt is the firm of choice for the informed consumer.

Free consultations are available for new clients

Brown Gitt Law Group, ALC is an experienced Pasadena law firm, serving businesses and corporations in greater Los Angeles and throughout southern California.  Our attorneys zealously seek efficient and successful results for each case and client.  For experienced employment law and employment litigation representation at reasonable rates, call us at 626.432.7202-6700 or contact Brown Gitt Law Group, ALC online.