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California Class Action Defense Lawyers

Class action lawsuits have been a source of significant attention over the past few decades. Landmark awards for consumers, clients, customers and employees in a wide range of fields ranging from medical and health to business and entertainment and in employment, misclassification of employees (e.g. Uber drivers or “contract employees”) have shaken even industry leaders throughout the country.

In the employment arena in California, it is critical for employers to engage in critical thinking, critical planning and preventative action to avoid the devastating and potentially crippling effect of a class action lawsuit.

The attorneys at the Brown Gitt Law Group, ALC , offer experienced and successful class action defense services for the benefit of employers. We offer class action avoidance counseling and litigation services in all areas involving employment law, including these areas:

The cost of retaining a large law firm to provide class action litigation defense can be more than many businesses can afford. If you have been sued in a class action lawsuit, the attorneys at the Brown Gitt Law Group, ALC, offer quality legal representation equal to any large firm, at rates you would expect from a smaller firm. With nearly 100 years of collective legal experience, our attorneys have successfully represented clients in thousands of important legal matters, including many large class actions, PAGA claims., multiple plaintiff claims and collective actions or agency actions. We staff our cases efficiently and use the appropriate level of skill to the task so as not to bankrupt the client before getting to the class certification stage.

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