Construction Defects

Pasadena, California, Construction Litigation Attorneys

Helping homeowners is one of our goals at the Brown Gitt Law Group. We represent homeowners in construction defects litigation. We represent homeowners who are in the position of plaintiff or defendant. If you do not prefer to go the litigation route, we can negotiate on your behalf prior to filing litigation. However, contractors can be difficult to deal with, so you may need to pursue litigation to transform empty promises into concerted action.

In the litigation context, you may be a plaintiff or a defendant. As a plaintiff, you may be bringing an action against a home builder or construction professional who was negligent in the building of your home. As a defendant, you may be responding to a suit for nonpayment or incomplete payment by a contractor. Your defense to that suit may be late performance, incomplete performance, substandard work, unapproved work or construction defects.

The construction litigation attorneys at the Brown Gitt Law Group have more than 100 years of legal experience. We have extensive experience as negotiators and trial lawyers. We have successfully represented clients in simple and complex construction litigation.

Some of the construction defects matters we handle include:

If you are having trouble with a contractor and need to speak with a lawyer, call the Brown Gitt Law Group in Pasadena, California, or contact us by e-mail.