Harassment and Discrimination

Harassment and Discrimination Claims

The employment law attorneys at the Brown Gitt Law Group, ALC, provide experienced and aggressive defense against employment lawsuits, including claims for harassment and discrimination. We have extensive experience with these and other employment law matters:

Other employment discrimination, retaliation and harassment claims

The Brown Gitt Law Group is located in Pasadena, California. We represent employers throughout California and adjoining states. We are also pleased to represent out-of-state clients. To contact our office, call 888-309-8213.

Litigation, Advice and Training

In addition to litigation services, we provide training services and general advice. As an employer, it is important to have clear and concise contracts, postings, policies and handbooks. It is critical for managers and supervisors to be well informed about federal and state laws that prohibit harassment and discrimination.

In some interactions with employees, simple goodwill and basic consideration will sometimes (more often in the past) suffice to resolve problems. However, there are complexities in employment law that require the constant, informed attention of employers and supervisors. Many state and federal laws provide for the provision of double or treble damages or duplicate, high penalties even for accidental violations, and/or attorneys fees for prevailing plaintiffs in employment litigation, or injunctive relief that requires employers to change their policies. So one wrong step can be very costly, especially when they are not promptly addressed

Sexual Harassment

One area of employment law that remains the source of significant lawsuits (and plaintiff's awards) is sexual harassment claims under Title VII and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (“FEHA”). The “Me Too” movement has given this claim even a bigger boost than it had previously, and the changing times have expanded this claim to cover far more than the original male on female harassment. Time is of the essence in addressing these claims; the California FEHA requires that they be immediately investigated. California also has significant training and policy requirements separate from the existence of actual claims. It is important for employers to have a carefully planned and executed policy for handling sexual harassment complaints. Our firm assists employers in the drafting of company sexual harassment policies, workplace investigations and litigation, and assistance in providing training.

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