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California Trade Secrets Attorneys

Protecting trade secrets is paramount to the continued vitality of any business. Misuse of trade secrets is an aspect of Unfair Competition as well as the California Trade Secret Act. Often, the misuse of trade secrets is difficult to prove under California law, which does not utilize some of the broad presumptions (e.g. inevitable disclosure) used in other states. The experienced employment law attorneys at the Brown Gitt Law Group, ALC, have helped businesses in a wide range of sectors, including medical and health, airlines, business and finance, construction, entertainment, food and recreation, and general business.

Some of the services we provide in this area include:

Even if you have carefully drafted an agreement to protect your company's trade secrets, it is always wise to have an experienced attorney provide a thorough review for your benefit. Our attorneys have more than 100 years of collective legal experience and have the benefit of extensive litigation experience. Our litigation experience may better enable us to spot potential areas of concern that you have not contemplated.

Trade Secrets Litigation

Our firm represents plaintiffs and defendants in trade secrets litigation. We handle all litigation relating to the misuse, misapplication or theft of trade secrets. California law on trade secrets differs from that of other states. This includes claims of unfair competition, unfair solicitation and matters pertaining to the overbreadth or violation of noncompetition agreements.

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